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Viking Ship Automaton

There’s something mesmerizing about the motion of this.

Via [Dug North]

Aluminum Spider

Aluminum Desk Spider
Aluminum Spider

A neat aluminum spider. Not hand machined, but still a cool little project.

Fire Pistons

I’m not really sure how I grew up camping all the time, many times in the in fairly remote wilderness, as well as becoming an Eagle Scout without ever hearing about fire pistons. A while back I came across this post on Make about them and did some research. It seems like a great machining project, and a fairly simple one at that.
Fire Piston

Tic Tac Toe

Here’s a neat fairly simple looking tic tac toe board. CNC’d, but it doesn’t seem like it’d be hard to do manually either.

Tic Tac Toe

Change of Pace

Dusting off the cobwebs here. The initial purpose of this blog was a good attempt but perhaps too ambitious with the limited time I have between work, children, and other activities. So I’m going to change up the format to be more of a collection of metal working projects and neat examples I come across online.

A simple project idea – Dead Drop spike

Make Online has a post about a Dead Drop spike that’s currently for sale in their Maker’s Marketlace. The maker, Brian Dereu, also has some other cool projects and things for sale there (Brian Dereu’s store).┬áThis seems like it would be a great simple beginner project on the lathe. A single bar of aluminum, some turning, tapping, drilling and threading.

Make Online’s Dead Drop spike

Dead Drop spike from Make Online

Dead Drop spike project idea